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System Requirements

Mac OS 10.9
or later.

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Updated 1 January 2022

First released Februari 2021



Drag 'n Drop to Convert

Simply Drag 'n Drop individual DICOM files, or drop one or more folders to recursively search for DICOM files to be converted.

Easy configuration

The standard settings work just fine, so go ahead and drop your files and let DICOMconverter sort it all out.

Choose Image Format

Choose between PNG, JPEG or TIFF as the format for your output images.
When converting to JPEG you can set the quality factor for JPEG compression, from 5 to 100%. Higher percentages result in higher quality output images, at the cost of a larger file sizes. Lower percentages result in lower quality output images, with the benefit of smaller file sizes.

Choose Optional Movie Format

You can optionally have multiframe DICOM data (in a single file) converted to a movie, instead of to multiple still PNG, JPEG or TIFF images.
The application can also detect multislice DICOM series (distributed over multiple files) and optionally convert those series to movies as well.

For movies you can set a desired frame rate and select either .mp4 (MPEG-4), .mov (QuickTime), or .gif (Animated GIF) format. You can optionally make the output bounce (make a 4 frame movie play frame 1,2,3,4,3,2).
For Animated GIFs you can set a desired loop count as well.

To anonymize DICOM data see: DICOManonymizer.com